Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jez riley French

I am fascinated and passionate about the infinite detail and expanding vistas of life around us, its sights and sounds, often overlooked or hidden. My creative output focuses on this never ending, joyous exploration via intuitive composition, conventional & extended field recording techniques, photography & photographic scores. The music / sound I create has evolved from improvisation to what I prefer to term 'intuitive composition' and has increasingly involved elements such as a love of audible silence & stillness & the empathy of compositional paths. These evolved from my need to always remain open to my emotive, intuitive response to situations & environments.
I have a wonderful life....
lighthouse relay - 'score for light(houses)' 2011
in june, travelling in Japan & Korea....recording the audible silence of lighthouses (& light houses)....capturing moments if pressing 'record' feels right....exploring through camera lenses....finding

eventually a score will be created - for field recordings & quietudes - the process is intuitive & emotive, drawing on entire experiences
photographic scores: during the years I have been creating scores I have gradually learned a simplicity and clarity that comes closest to my intentions....some are for performers, others are for field recordings & a few are for situations....performers with a willingness and natural ability to respond to the creative impulses in the scores bring them to new places....

examples of recent photographic scores: